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Ergolet Luna Overhead Lift

by Ergolet

Category: Patient Lift

Features and Benefits:

  • The sleek, lightweight unit provides a high powered lifting capacity of 272 kg | 600 lbs.
  • Functions as both a fixed and a portable unit in one, unlike other overhead lifting solutions, increasing flexibility.
  • Can easily be moved from one room to another to maximize lift coverage area and minimize costs. 
  • In coordination with E-Track, the Luna provides a versatile, safe lifting coverage to an entire room, regardless of configuration.
  • Ergonomic hand control safely operates the lifting motor and easily sets in the wall or table-mounted charging unit to recharge.
  • Extended Lifting Interval - now up to approximately 8'.
  • Safety features such as an emergency stop mechanical and electrical emergency lowering ensures a safe lifting solution.
  • Accessories such as the Luna Trolley make moving the unit  from room to room easy and safe.

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