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Category: Lifts and Ramps

National Ramp’s Modular Aluminum Ramp is the only open mesh aluminum ramp on the market!

Let one of our Monroe Access Designs consultants figure out what material and configuration modular ramp is right for you.

- Lifetime warranty on the aluminum ramp series
- Highest coefficient of friction for maximum traction
- Powder coated color options available
- 100% Maintenance free
- 800 lb. weight capacity
- Easy installation – installs in hours, not days
- No rusting, no rotting, no splinters
- Multi-weld fabrication process ensures less deflection of ramp surface
- Environmentally responsible – 100% recyclable
- Unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design is more rigid than standard side-bolted handrails
- No Puddles -Rain and melting snow can pass right through
- Code compliant mesh design, allows natural drainage, yet is small enough to prevent small objects from passing through.

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