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Service and Repair

Welcome to Monroe Wheelchair's Service and Repair Department!

If you find that your mobility equipment is not working properly, our service and repair departments across New York State stand ready to provide you with the technical expertise to get your equipment back in excellent working order. 

We are committed to integrity at Monroe Wheelchair and that means that we service/repair the equipment that we sell to our customers. When calling your local Monroe Wheelchair office, or the toll-free number at 888-546-8595, please use the prompts to reach the service department and we would be happy to assist you in scheduling a service appointment. Please note that your request may go into a voicemail box due to an overwhelming amount of requests we receive in a day. We highly encourage you to click below to schedule online.

Service and Repair Facts:  

  • We offer home and/or office service and repair visits by appointment only. We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers. Providers do not get reimbursed by insurance companies for the travel/drive time to customer’s homes for service/repair.
  • The fastest service is accomplished when you bring your equipment into our shop. We ask that you call us ahead of time just to make sure our technicians are available and not on the road. If you are not pursuing insurance funding for the repair there is a minimum labor charge of $25.00 for in-shop repairs. 
  • The service & repair process at Monroe Wheelchair is very different than any other service industry because a customer’s health insurance is typically involved. A great example is when your air conditioner or car isn’t working properly. In those situations, you’re typically back in service within a few days. Unfortunately, unless you’d like to waive your insurance rights, we are required to follow varying federal and private insurance guidelines. With these guidelines comes a much longer service process (see below for Service Process).
  • All non-warranty service and repairs are subject to the then current fees and rates.
  • Loaner equipment while your equipment is being serviced (subject to availability and fees) 

After-Hours Service and Repair Policies: Monroe Wheelchair offers 24-7 emergency service for our customers. Unfortunately, insurances do not pay for this service and you will likely be asked to pay a call out fee that could range between $150.00 and $250.00.  You may reach our 24-hour emergency on-call person at the following numbers: Albany 518-339-1518 | Rochester 585-295-3630 | Syracuse 585-203-6588.

Thank you for trusting Monroe Wheelchair with your service requests for over 75 years! Call us today at 888-546-8585 or click here to schedule your service/repair appointment.