Monroe Wheelchair Names “Employee of the Year”

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by monroewheelchair

Last night as our Albany staff gathered for holiday festivities President, Doug Westerdahl, gave employees one more reason to celebrate by announcing the 2013 Employee of the Year. This annual award (now in its 19th year) is given to the employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty all year long, exceeds management’s expectations of that individual, and makes a positive impact on customers and the entire company every day. We are lucky to have so many great employees nominated by management but this year the Albany Customer Service Manager, Corey Barrs, stood out above the rest.

Corey started at Monroe Wheelchair as a Customer Service Representative in the Albany Service Department six years ago. He then transferred to our Rochester office for a year or so until returning to Albany where he was appointed the Customer Service Manager.  Corey has shown phenomenal growth over that period and has a great understanding of our work flow processes.  His “people skills” are excellent and we receive frequent compliments about Corey.  He works tirelessly to make sure that our customers are always satisfied.  In his current position, Corey oversees service, retail sales, deliveries and pretty much everything that goes on in Albany and he does them all exceptionally well and with a smile on his face.  Corey is an excellent representative of Monroe Wheelchair and one of those people who you just love coming to work with every day.

It has become tradition that alongside this annual announcement the owner also shares a list of “little or largely known facts” about our award winner (after all what great achievement would be complete without a little bit of embarrassment). We won’t share the full list but here are a few facts about Corey: he played on a sled hockey team, had a pet raccoon as a child, loves bluegrass music, and even invented his own vehicle drive controls with 2 sticks, rope and some duct tape. On top of that he is an animal lover, farmer, and great family man.

Next time you speak, email, or see Corey please congratulate him on this wonderful achievement! Corey: Congratulations from everyone here at Monroe Wheelchair. It’s an honor to work beside you and have you as part of the Monroe Wheelchair family.

National Quantum Spokesman, Bryan Anderson, Inspires Rochester

Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by monroewheelchair

Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Products, and Monroe Wheelchair are sponsoring Anderson’s visit to Rochester this week to share his motivational story at the Spinal Cord Injury Health Fair. Bryan is an Iraq War veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, Author, and Quantum Rehab National Spokesperson. The fair will be held Saturday, September 28th from 9:15 AM-2:30 PM at Strong Rehab Center and is sponsored by the University of Rochester Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The annual event attracts larger crowds every year and brings in 75-100 people with spinal cord injuries, family and friends, and community health providers. The fair features local vendors, non-profits, and an educational and motivational speaker session.

Bryan Anderson,, was injured by an IED in Baghdad that resulted in the loss of both legs and his left hand. Bryan will be the inspirational speaker on Saturday where he’ll share his adventures while challenging the audience to take advantage of opportunities in spite of hardships. Bryan speaks all over the United States delivering his energetic message of perseverance and determination. For more information on the Spinal Cord Injury Fair please call 585-275-1715 or email


New AAC Consultant for Eastern N.Y.

Posted on: September 16th, 2013 by monroewheelchair

Monroe Wheelchair is proud to announce the addition of Brendan McCarthy, MS Ed., as part of the AAC team! For those of you that may not be familiar an AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) device provides a person with speech and language impairments the ability to communicate again. These devices range from low-tech/non-electronic means, like a simple communication board, to high-tech/electronic aids that will actually speak for you.

The rapid growth in this market segment has required additional support and coverage for the eastern part of New York state and Brendan was the perfect fit for this role. Brendan has spent the past decade as an assistive technology consultant and advisor to programs throughout the Capital Region and looks forward to sharing his expertise and experience. His hands on approach to new technology, dedication to the clinical community, and commitment to functional solutions will be a great asset to individuals and caregivers alike.

To contact Brendan for a product demonstration, clinical assessment, or technical support, please feel free to email or call his cell at (518) 698-1798. Brendan, and the whole AAC team, look forward to serving you or a family members communication needs.

Imagine The Possibilities…

Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by monroewheelchair

…with the lightest wheelchair in the world!

We are delighted that our customer’s no longer have to wonder. Monroe Wheelchair has been named the preferred Panthera dealer in New York State. Panthera is a Swedish company founded by a wheelchair user himself, Jalle Jungnell. Jalle’s goal from the beginning was to create a wheelchair that was designed with what he calls the three most important features; excellent driving capabilities, ultra light to lift, and delivers maximum comfort. After testing them out for ourselves, and experiencing the carbon fiber design, we believe Jalle has achieved his goal. Weighing in at 9.7 pounds, and a measly 4.6 pounds when you take the wheels off for transport, Panthera has truly created the world’s lightest wheelchair in the world. Click here for an interactive Panthera X demo video.

For more information on how you can experience this cutting edge product for yourself please contact Monroe Wheelchair at 888-546-8595 and ask to speak to one of our knowledgeable ATP’s. Or you’re welcome to email  for more information. Please be aware that insurance funding is limited.

New AAC Division Announcement

Posted on: February 6th, 2013 by monroewheelchair

February 4, 2013

Monroe Wheelchair is proud to announce the launch of its newest division that will provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices throughout Upstate New York.  

With recent advancements in technology solutions for those with communication limitations, it is an exciting time to begin offering access to these products. The market has introduced incredible options for individuals dealing with diagnoses such as ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, TBI, and Stroke which just a few years ago, were simply not available.

The introduction of this division marks one of many efforts made by Monroe Wheelchair over the past several years to enhance the care of its customers by expanding services to offer a wide variety of products that make independent living possible.

From the unparalleled accuracy of newly designed eye gaze tracking systems, to the robust capabilities of the latest tablet devices, communication can be an attainable goal for almost anyone.

Nancy Booth will be leading the team at Monroe Wheelchair in this new endeavor. Nancy is known throughout the industry as one of the leading experts in her field and has over 20 years of experience in assessing, providing, training, and educating those in need of AAC devices. Her background includes tenure as both a local supplier and working for a global manufacturer which gives her great insight into the needs and solutions available in the market.

Monroe Wheelchair is partnering with many leading providers of AAC devices including Tobii ATI, FRS-Solutions, and the Saltillo Corporation. With the depth of products offered by these premier manufacturers and the expertise and attentive care provided by the Monroe Wheelchair team, this partnership is sure to help individuals throughout Upstate New York reach their greatest potential.

For inservices, product demos, or general inquiries please contact Nancy Booth, M.S. Ed at or call directly at 585-733-1451.


Our Lucky Number Thirteen

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by monroewheelchair

What does 13 years of providing outstanding customer service, dedication to the mission of Monroe Wheelchair, and an exceptional work ethic get you? For this outstanding employee, Ms. Noris Brooks, it earned her Monroe Wheelchair’s 2012 Employee of the Year!

Noris works in our Rochester location handling all the PMD (Power Mobility Device) claims for the Rochester area and has been a key component of Monroe Wheelchair’s successful sales. In addition to handling PMD paperwork she helps customers in the showroom and is 1 of 3 Spanish-speaking representatives on staff. Besides having a positive attitude and a dedicated hard worker she is one of the top office joke-sters. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone who is an all-around exceptional co-worker and keeps you smiling every day.

Thank you and congratulations to Noris for being honored 2012 Employee of the Year! Cheers to 13 more!

Track Championship Within Reach

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by monroewheelchair

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our favorite #66 dirt racecar driver, Danny Wiesner, as he races for his 2nd straight Sportsman Series Track Championship honor this Saturday, September 1st. The race will take place at 7pm at Candandaigua Motorsports Park where Danny goes into the night with a 41 point lead over the 2nd place car. Come out to cheer the Monroe Wheelchair #66 car on!

Points courtesy of:

Rolling Into Action for Specialized Wheelchairs

Posted on: July 10th, 2012 by monroewheelchair

For years Monroe Wheelchair has been actively involved in pushing legislation that will help protect and improve access to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). Examples of CRT products include specialized wheelchairs, seating systems, and other adaptive equipment needed by people with disabilities to live independent and healthy lives.

A major victory for the CRT industry came in April when the “Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act” was assigned bill number H.R. 4378.  Unfortunately our work has just begun and we need everyone’s help to get H.R. 4378 passed in Congress.  Please get involved by clicking on the links below.  Together we can protect access to these specialized wheelchairs that Monroe Wheelchair customers and users all over the country rely on every day. Thank you for your support.

1)  Click here to send an email to your Congressman and Senators asking for support of H.R. 4378.

2)  Click here to sign the petition that shows your support of H.R. 4378.

3)  Click here to visit the central website for more information and advocacy tools.


An Adordable Example of CRT

Announcing Our 2011 Employee Of The Year

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by monroewheelchair

The beginning of a new year is always a special time for Monroe Wheelchair. For the last 17 years management has selected an “Employee of the Year” who stands out and has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Our 2011 award winner, Jamie O’ Connell,  could not be a better example of the characteristics we look for when determining the annual honor. Jamie is responsible for managing the Quality Assurance, Data Entry, and Self-Pay Collections for the entire company. She is a hard worker who spends many overtime hours making sure all of our billing is accurate and in on time. Even with the large amount of paperwork that crosses Jamie’s desk she always has time for questions and answers with a smile! On top of an incredible work ethic she is kind, respected by all, and has a great sense of humor. There’s also a rumor that when she actually tears herself away from her cubicle she likes to fish and has caught a 46″ 25 lb. Muskie!

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Jamie and all that she brings to the Monroe Wheelchair team! Congratulations to our 2011 Employee of the Year!

Capital Region Team Addition

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 by monroewheelchair

We are very excited to announce the newest addition to our Albany Rehab Sales team; Dale Anderson. Dale has over two decades of experience in the complex rehab marketplace on both the dealer and manufacturer side of the business. Most recently Dale has worked with our ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) team to strengthen referral relationships in the Albany area. Surely his experience, work ethic, and unique perspective will be a great addition to our Monroe Wheelchair family. Welcome Dale!