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Image of TiLite TX Folding Wheelchair 1

TiLite TX Folding Wheelchair

by TiLite

Category: CRT

The TiLite TX is hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium. Why titanium?

  • Because titanium has no equal when it comes to dampening vibrations caused by riding over rough or uneven surfaces. This means superior comfort for the user during many hours of use.
  • Because titanium’s weight is about one-half that of the aluminum used in most wheelchairs. This means that a complete 16” x 16” TX in its standard configuration weighs only 19.9 pounds! The TX must be the lightest folding wheelchair in existence.
  • Because titanium is incredibly strong. This means the TX will shake off years of abuse.

Custom Built 
Each TX begins life in our Designs Unlimited Studio, where we draw the frame to each user’s individual specifications.  Next, TiLite fabricators and welders bring the drawings to life by hand building the TX’s 1.00” dual-tube titanium frame to exacting standards.  Finally, before each TX leaves the TiLite factory in Washington State, we carefully assemble and inspect it to ensure that it matches precisely what our customer has ordered.  Each TX is like no other TX.

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