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Image of Out/Stander Multi-Positioning Stander 2

Out/Stander Multi-Positioning Stander

by Drive

Category: CRT

Central post with tilt mechanism. Ratchet handle provides simple and secure angle adjustments.
Foot restraint and heel cups height adjustable with individual angle, depth, lateral and rotation adjustability
Knee blocks height and lateral adjustable.
Curved rigid hip supports height adjustable and swings open for easy transfer of child.
Lateral supports each side is individually height and width adjustable.
Trunk support height adjustable.
Headrest used in the supine position. Adjustable in height, depth and angle. Wedges are available for additional support.
Tray horizontal positioning device.
Angle adjustment range of 0° - 90°
Base with 4 swivel wheels with locking casters.
Positioning pads are upholstered in vinyl and have additional fabric covers that are removable and can be laundered & dried.
Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.
Two Year Limited Warranty.

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