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ProSlate 10

Category: AAC

The ComLink ProSlate 10™ is the world's first Apple  based, full featured AAC device designed from the beginning to be a Dedicated  Speech Generating Device that meets the assistive needs of our users with

 Until now, people wanting to use an Apple as an SGD have had to
settle for cobbled together hardware solutions and were on their own with
regards to funding and support. The ComLink ProSlate™ is not only packed with
features that make it a cutting edge and revolutionary AAC device, it is also
backed by a company of AAC experts and clinicians that are committed to giving
voice to people that we are very passionate about, our clients.

The ComLink ProSlate 10™ is light weight, sleek
and stylish. Available in many different colors, the device is stylish and
doesn't look like a clunky medical device. It is capable of handling all of your
communication needs by leveraging many different AAC apps to generate the
highest quality synthesized speech. With the best warranty available in the
industry, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your ProSlate™ for years to

Meeting all of the requirements of Medicare and
Medicaid, this sleek new device is available as a fully funded, Dedicated Speech
Generating Device. Your AAC app of choice will be preloaded on the system and
ready to use upon delivery.
Check out some of the key features of the
revolutionary ProSlate 10:
• Wearable SoundPOD™ voice output module allows users voice
to originate from their body
• FlexABLE™ Handle and Stand gives limited
dexterity users an optimum ergonomic interface with the device
• Supports
multiple access methods (touch access, up to four ability switches, and
• Features magnetically attaching keyguards to support a
multitude of AAC apps
• Attaches to wheelchair mounts, rolling floor mounts,
table top mounts, and table clamps
• Includes a “Home Button Guard” to keep
users from inadvertently activating the home button

In addition to bringing you a higher level of performance
than ever before, FRS includes a 5 Year Worry-Free Warranty to
minimize downtime for repairs and lifetime support on any AAC app provided on
the device.

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  1. Five stars

    This is the best device I have ever had

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