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Category: AAC


The ProSlate  4™  Package

The Patent Pending SoundPOD™ for ProSlate 4™ is a full featured, affordable, handheld AAC system brought to you by experts with over 24 years of experience designing assistive technology for people with communication disorders.It is a simple, yet innovative solution that meets the "real world" needs of those who cannot speak on their own. With it’s sleek, lightweight design, you can wear the wireless SoundPOD™ around your neck and if you choose, easily conceal it under your shirt for a discrete solution. Voice Generation from a Natural Location.By generating voice output in a more natural location, the concealable SoundPOD™ speaker, combined with the "must have" ProSlate 4™, totally eliminates the negative attention associated with using an AAC device. This simple, yet revolutionary concept, focuses the listener's attention on what you are saying, instead of the device.The SoundPOD™ speaker, at only 3.5 oz. is also portable and wireless, so you can use it when you want it, where you want it, and it never gets in the way.Engineered from the ground up to be a full featured communication device, the SoundPOD™ Wearable AAC System is one of the most exciting, revolutionary AAC devices available today.

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