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Category: CRT

  • Mid-Wheel 6® allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability
  • Compatible with TRU-Balance® Tilt
  • OMNI-Casters (nylon, spherical-shaped casters) on front and rear prevent wheel hang-ups
  • Side-mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers
  • ATX Suspension (Active-Trac® with extra stability) incorporates front OMNI-Casters for enhanced performance over more varied terrain
  • Easy front access to batteries

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Product Specifications

  • Model: J6
  • Anti-Tip Wheels: N/A
  • Ground Clearance: 2.5" (frame)
  • Overall Length: 34.74" without foot riggings
  • Base Width: 23.19"
  • Base Weight: 100.2 lbs.
  • Standard Charger: 5A Off-board

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