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Image of ComLink WinSlate Series 11 & 13 with Enable Eyes™ 1 Image of ComLink WinSlate Series 11 & 13 with Enable Eyes™ 1 Image of ComLink WinSlate Series 11 & 13 with Enable Eyes™ 19

ComLink WinSlate Series 11 & 13 with Enable Eyes™

Category: AAC

The next generation of Dedicated Speech Generating Devices!

The WinSlate Series of Dedicated Speech Generating Devices represent the most functional speech generating devices available today. With sizes ranging from the lightweight, "fit-in-your-pocket" WinSlate 4, up to our high-tech, eye-track enabled, WinSlate 13, you are sure to find a device that's the right size and can accommodate your access method.

WinSlate devices include industry leading AAC innovations from FRS. Each device offers prebuilt language systems to choose from so you can spend time communicating rather than programming vocabulary sets. Best of all, our network of AAC experts are here to assist you with your WinSlate each step of the way.

Eye Tracking Ready- Adding the Enable Eyes tracking module to a WinSlate allows you access to your vocabulary using only your eyes. The WinSlate 11 and 13 are capable of interfacing directly with the Enable Eyes tracking module making them the most slim and lightweight trackers available. The WinSlate 11 features a small footprint that's easy to see around when mounted to a wheelchair. The WinSlate 13 offers  a larger wide panel display for maximum visibility.

Wearable SoundPod Speaker Module- With the revolutionary SoundPod, your voice will come directly from your person rather than the device. The SoundPod wearable speaker magnetically docks to the back of the device and can quickly be removed and attached to the neck lanyard and worn by the user. Unlike traditional AAC Device design, a SoundPod user's voice comes from their neck area and the speaker can be concealed under clothing. The result is a more natural communication experience where the listener looks at the user instead of the device.

Flexible Handle and Stand- Is an ergonomic innovation that allows persons with disabilities to easily handle and interact with their device. The FlexABLE rod wraps around a users arm making the device easy to hold even for people that have difficulties grasping with their hands. The FlexABLE Stand provides infinite angle adjustment when used on a table top surface. The tilt can be adjusted to reduce screen glare by simply pushing on the face of the unit. All adjustments can be made with gross motor movements (no fine motor skills required) making it accessible for persons with disabilities.

Professionally Developed Language Vocabulary- When choosing a WinSlate, you have a choice of AAC pages from the Grid 2 software that best fit the user. FRS offers language vocabulary systems that have been professionally developed by Speech and Language Pathologists who specialize in AAC.

True-Hold Keyguards with Magnetic Attachment- redefine the standards for keyguard design. They magnetically snap into place and hold on tightly, they're easy to clean, have soft edges, and are thick enough to hold the users palm off the touch panel to keep unwanted screen activations from occurring. FRS has prebuilt keyguards for all of the most popular vocabulary layouts and can even make custom keyguards to match non-standard layouts.

Wireless Switch Access- Access your vocabulary using ability switches such as Button Switches, Leaf Switches, Sip and Puff Switches and more. Best of all, using the wireless switch adapter module, you'll eliminate cords that often get tripped over and damaged.



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