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JAY® Zip™ Backrest

Category: CRT

Lightweight, versatile, and designed just for kids

The JAY® Zip™ is a lightweight, anti-microbial, and adjustable back designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic support for active kids!

Child-Specific Design
The Zip back's widths and heights are sized specifically for children 2 to 15 years of age. The contour shapes vary by size, designed to accommodate the unique shapes of clients of each width. The Zip's extra soft foam provides superior immersion for children's lower weights.

When it comes to pediatric mobility, every pound holds more weight. Because of their low body weights, children's independence is greatly impacted with every added pound. The last thing you want adding weight to a pediatric mobility system is the seating! That's why a 12" x 12" Zip back weighs only 2.5 pounds with hardware!

The Zip's versatile hardware offers 3” of depth adjustment and 1" of width adjustment to accommodate kids' rapid growth. Its 40° of angle adjustability helps to improve visual orientation and function. Its two mounting points allow for easy installation and numerous height adjustment options. For quick transport, it conveniently releases from the wheelchair in a simple one-hand movement. To top it off, all of these adjustments can be made using a single 10mm wrench!

Innovative, Dual-Cover System
For convenience and protection against spills and messes, the Zip features an innovative, dual-cover system. The inner cover is water-resistant and easy to wipe off and clean, while its Aqua-guard zipper and anti-wicking thread protect the foam from fluids. The machine-washable, stretch outer cover utilizes naturally anti-microbial, silver-impregnated X-static® fiber.

©2014 Sunrise Medical Inc. Used with permission.

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Product Specifications

  • Width Range: 8" to 14"
  • Height (Short): 6"
  • Height (Medium): 8"
  • Height (Tall): 10"
  • Height (Extra Tall): 12"
  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 165 lbs.
  • Hardware Options: Versatile, One Step Release Hardware
  • Hardware Angle Adjustability: 40 degrees
  • Hardware Width Adjustability: 1"
  • Wheelchair Frame Tubing Compatibility: 3/4" to 1"
  • Headrest Mount Available: Yes
  • Lateral Contour Support: 1" to 2.5"
  • Foam Insert: Extra Soft Foam
  • Outer Cover: X-Static® Silver Thread Stretch

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