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Image of Jay J2 Cushion 18  x 18 Click Image To Enlarge

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Image of Jay J2 Cushion 18  x 18 2

Jay J2 Cushion 18 x 18

Category: CRT

18 x 18 * Lightweight low maintenance product designed for the person at high risk of skin breakdown * Contains more than 2 of Jay FlowTM fluid helps conform to bony prominences providing maximum pressure distribution and reduction * Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS Code: K0734 * The Jay FlowTM fluid TripadTM conforms to bony prominences distributes pressure more evenly and reduces peak pressures * The Jay FlowTM fluid TripadTM design assists in maintaining fluid under the at-risk bony areas * Cushion equipped Ballistic stretch cover * Cushions with incontinent-resistant covers are available at an additional cost as a special order * HCPCS Suggested Code: E0192

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  • Manufacturer SKU: J2101MJ

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