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Image of Jay Basic Cushion 18  x 16 2

Jay Basic Cushion 18 x 16

Category: CRT

18 x 16 * Designed for the client who has symmetrical postures needing minimum postural support * Provides mild lateral stability as well as mild forward/rearward stability * Provides level base of support * Durable molded foam provides mild contouring * Beveled to fit between the seat rails on seat upholstery * Pre-contoured foam base encourages orthopedic alignment and helps to redistribute pressure to increase sitting tolerance * Most suitable for the client at low risk of skin breakdown/for the client with intact skin integrity * Sadmerc Code: E2601 / E2602 * HCPCS Suggested Code: E0963 * Comes with a zippered incontinence cover w/non-slip bottom

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  • Manufacturer SKU: J300

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