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Monroe Speech Designs

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Monroe Wheelchair Inc is partnering with many leading providers of AAC devices and accessories including FRS-Solutions, Saltillo Corporation, ProxTalker, Rehadapt, Daedalus Technologies, and Ablenet. With the depth of products offered by these premier manufacturers and the expertise and attentive care provided by the Monroe Speech Designs team of consultants, this partnership is sure to assist individuals throughout the entire state of New York reach their greatest potential.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

FRS-Solutions – WinSlate: For some, touch screens and keyboards are not an option. But the need to communicate is still essential. Enter the FRS VoiceSlate Solution available in both an 11” and 13” screen size. Using just the movement of your eyes, when the gaze tracking technology is linked to any communication software or speech ready device it is possible to strike up a conversation, send an e-mail, surf the net or text your friends. The VoiceSlate™ Series of dedicated AAC devices represent the most functional speech generating devices available today. With sizes ranging from the lightweight, “fit-in-your-pocket” VoiceSlate 4™, up to our high-tech, eye tracking enabled, VoiceSlate 13™, you are sure to find a device that’s the right size and can accommodate your access method.

ProSlate 8 and 10: The ProSlate product is the world’s first iOS based, fullfeatured AAC device designed from the beginning to be a Dedicated Speech Generating Device that meets the assistive needs of our users with disabilities. It is capable of handling all of your communication needs by leveraging many different AAC apps to generate the highest quality synthesized speech.

Saltillo Nova Chat: NOVA chat 5, 10 and 12 offers the well-known Chat Software on an Android platform. Like all “Chats,” these devices offer a durable yet sleek portable design, with features that include a dynamic display, switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features. A variety of vocabulary configurations provides options for each individual that uses our “Chat” systems. NOVA chat includes thousands of SymbolStix™ symbols, and PCS™ symbols can be added.


More AAC Options

Prox Talker: The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device is an exciting mid-tech device which uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce REAL words. Ideal for any picture exchange system user, of any age and is being used for communication or as a classroom tool.

Sound Pod: The Patent Pending SoundPOD™ for ProSlate is a full featured, affordable, hand-held AAC system. It is a simple, yet innovative solution that meets the “real world” needs of those who cannot speak on their own. With its sleek, lightweight design, the wireless SoundPOD™ can be worn around your neck and if you choose, easily concealed under your shirt for discretion. By generating voice output in a more natural location, the concealable SoundPOD™ speaker, combined with any size ProSlate, eliminates the negative attention associated with using an AAC device. This revolutionary concept, focuses the listener’s attention on what you are saying, instead of the device.

Mounts and Stands: Through partnerships with Rehadapt, Daedalus and Mountain Mover the Monroe Speech Designs team will make sure your device is always within reach. Wheelchair mounts, floor stands, desktop and table displays can all be customized to meet the unique communication needs of each individual.