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  • Yesterday (10/3/17) Amy Felgemacher (Monroe Speech Designs presented to our occupational therapy assistant students. I cannot say enough about how informative and relevant her presentation was. Students were so appreciative. Please convey my thanks to the Monroe team. I am so grateful to have access to a company that is so willing to support the education of future rehab professionals. Thank you Monroe for your generosity of time and knowledge. Dave Merlo, Program Director

    David Merlo

    Bryant & Stratton College

  • I had the pleasure of working with your Syracuse store at the end of last week. Megan is a top notch lovely representative for Monroe. She made my lack of experience with rental and knowledge very easy and trained in a few short minutes. The rental of a scooter made my friends Labor day weekend one of the best in recent years. Thank You to Megan and staff at the Syracuse store

    Dan Soule

    Syracuse, NY- 9/6/16

  • The staff and techs at the Latham location are beyond words.They have helped my client with any wheelchair issues every time.They are knowledgeable and professional and are all around a fantastic group of people who really care about the people they serve.

    Chris Brunelle/Bill Clark

    Latham, NY- 2/2016

  • The customer service was excellent-I called and they took the time to look up information even before an order was placed. I would recommend Monroe Wheelchair for your needs, other Rochester based DME Vendor's were completely non-customer service. Thank you 10/7/15

    Nina Bentley

    URMC Outpatient Clinic

  • 10/29/15- Our son had struggled for over 2 years with his wheelchair constantly breaking down. The wheelchair repair shop we were using would take his chair for weeks at a time and return it with the same issue. We called Monroe Wheelchair and everything changed. Bob from service immediately came to my son. He evaluated the chair and ordered the correct parts. As soon as he received them he brought the parts to my son at his college dorm. Our only regret is not finding Monroe wheelchair and Bob from service sooner. It is such a pleasure to know that the chair is finally working correctly . Carina Buergi

    Carina Buergi

    Troy NY

  • I am a senior who lives alone. I slipped and fell on ice this past winter and broke my knee. The hospital emergency room discharged me home with no way to ambulate from room to room. I strained my shoulder so badly trying to use a walker that has no steering and would not roll on carpeting or over various levels of flooring that I tore my rotator cuff. The social worker, doctor, hospital, and insurance company would not help me obtain an electric wheelchair. Other companies came to me and said they would get back to me and never did. Mark Milleville came over from Monroe Wheelchair right away. Because of the horrible uselessness of the healthcare system and because I was without an ambulation vehicle for over a week and had injured myself due to that, I said I would buy a used electric wheelchair and pay for it myself if you would let me make payments. Mark worked out all the finances , droved to Rochester, picked out the perfect wheelchair for me, made sure it was clean as a whistle, brought it up my front stairs into the house, adjusted it, moved all my furniture to accommodate it, taught me how to use it and is one of the most compassionate (if not the only one in the healthcare system) I have met in 48 hours! I could not remain in my home and care for my pets and myself without this. Thank you and may god bless you.


    Tonawanda, NY- 3/2015

  • I want to say the customer service and assistance I receive from Monroe Wheelchair is consistently helpful, professional, ethical and prompt. Jumping back into field work for the first time in years has been rocky trying to get back in the swing of things and Monroe is always helpful to me to figure all of this out! I have had a variation of people helping me, and all of them have been fantastic.

    Physical Therapist

    Unity Health System

  • Monroe Wheelchair is the only place to go when you need help with mobility products for your loved one. They are the best! Our Dad passed away in November and we had to relocate our mom from Tampa to Rochester in December. It was the holidays and we wanted her with family, but needed a lift chair. Monroe came through in every way. They delivered the chair on time (in a snow storm no less), took their shoes off before coming into the house, and were courteous and friendly like everyone else at this company. The service including product, phone help, pricing, delivery and follow up were all excellent. To top it off, I had a misunderstanding with their payment policies and billing. They could have hidden behind their stated verbal policy, but they did not. They cared about me, and they really listened to my point of view which resulted in an equitable solution. Monroe Wheelchair has truly great customer service from beginning to end. I would not go anywhere else.

    Paul Edgcomb

    Princeton, NJ, 3/2014

  • Thank you to Monroe Wheelchair for wonderful customer service. We needed a lift chair immediately for my mom. Monroe accommodated this request with exceptional and compassionate service. Thank you!!

    Sheryl Akins


  • My mother has been able to go places with my husband and I that she never would have been able to go. (She’s 97). You sold me a wheelchair that has been a perfect fit for her and we really appreciate the work you do. For many reasons this is one of my favorite quotes: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." by C.S. Lewis. You folks help people attain new goals they may have thought impossible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

    Diane Payette

    Saratoga Springs, NY

  • I am very pleased with the excellent customer service I received from Monroe Wheelchair. The service technician, Alan, in the Albany location was very impressive and responsive to my repair needs. The staff went above and beyond to help me understand and coordinate the funding for my equipment. I always receive a call back in a timely manner and would recommend Monroe Wheelchair to anyone who asks for a great DME company.

    Larry Walker

    Hudson, NY

  • I have to thank the Albany Office of Monroe for going above and beyond helping with my relative, Bill Clarks, power wheelchair.They are true professionals and I will gladly do business with them in the future. Thanks!

    Chris Brunelle

    Albany, NY

  • Kathy Contino-Turner (Dir.of Communications)

    The Jazzy Motorized chair that Monroe Wheelchair donated was given to a Korean War Vet, Ed Desare. Mr. Desare was a Marine and is now a double amputee (not combat related) and has lived on our Masonic Care Community Campus for three years. He was so gratified to receive the chair. He said this was the best thing that has ever happened to him. He had been using a second hand chair that had a myriad of issues and he is a big man, so he needed a chair with some power! He loves to fish and with this chair is now able to go on his own out to the Acacia pond (weather permitting) he also participates in a variety of activities. His body is strong as is his intellect; he just doesn’t have the ability to ambulate on his own. Ed said this was the “nicest thing that had ever happened to him!”

    Kathy Contino-Turner (Dir.of Communications)

    Masonic Care Community, Utica, NY

  • We can't thank you enough, Ron, for going above and beyond helping my niece get her power chair. You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you and your staff have done. Now adays, it is harder and harder to get the medical help one needs. We will highly recommend you.

    Donna B.

    Rochester, NY

  • I have been a loyal customer of Monroe Wheelchair and I am on my fifth "Quickie" wheelchair, and I have purchased all of my wheelchairs from Monroe Wheelchair for the last 30 years. Additionally I recently moved into a smaller townhouse, and have limited space, and was unsure of how I was going to get in and out of my bathtub, Lee Kelsey and the good folks at Monroe Wheelchair set me up with a "Sure Hands" lift that is manufactured by "Prism Medical" and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Thank you all for all you do and I will continue to sing the praises of Monroe Wheelchair to anyone who is willing to listen.

    Tom Turner

    Victor, New York

  • "In this busy world where the hours are precious, it really means a lot when special people like you take the time to help others. Thank You so much." A special thanks to Noris for going above and beyond in effort and time to make sure I goy my wheelchair! There will never be enough words in our time to thank you enough. What you did mean's so much to me, it's like living in a cage and being set free!


    Rochester, NY

  • One of your delivery technicians delivered a transport chair this AM and he was very nice and helpful. He explained how to use all of the equipment and was very polite and professional. Thank you.

    Transport Wheelchair Customer

    Rochester, NY

  • Debbie Almonte, Carol & Bob Krick

    My sister and I have been on the internet for weeks trying to find medical supplies for my brother in law. A friend of mine gave me a business card for Monroe Wheelchair. I talked to my sister (Carol) and she said ''call and see what you can find out you know what we need''. I was in touch with Jessica from Monroe Wheelchair. We set up a appointment to go over our medical situation and our medical needs and what would make our situation easier. Jessica took time out of her busy schedule to introduce me to Chris and the three of us talked about our situation and it was like they knew us forever. Jessica had a meeting to get ready for but she stayed with Chris and I till I was just about out the door. Who needs the internet when Monroe Wheelchair is right in your back yard. If you or someone you know or love is in need of medical supplies Monroe Wheelchair is the place to go. I ?? Monroe Wheelchair!

    Debbie Almonte, Carol & Bob Krick

    Syracuse, NY

  • I have been a customer of the Albany office since I started using power wheelchairs in 2002. On more than one occasion, the service department has provided excellent service. In particular, Bob has been my wheelchair guy for more than ten years. Bob has stayed late, come to my house for emergency repair on a weekend prior to me leaving on a vacation, and squeezed me into his schedule when I've stopped by the store location unannounced. The staff appreciate and understand how important a person's equipment is to their well-being and health. I appreciate their efforts to keep me as independent as I am.

    Denise DiNoto

    Waterford, NY

  • Here is what I sent to Yelp- 5.0 star rating 7/31/2016: Last week we went up to Monroe Wheelchair with my friend who is entirely wheelchair bound, because the chair wasn't safe any more. Because we couldn't lineup a bunch of Medicaid documents, we were on our own financially. Monroe told us that would look at it for $25 and tell us what it would cost to fix. When we arrived, the people at the counter told us to transfer into a seat and that the tech would be out soon. Then, the chair disappeared into the bowels of the business. Over half an hour later I began to get nervous. Were we going to get stiffed for a bunch of repairs that we hadn't authorized. Was anybody doing anything back there? Then the tech came back and said that had replaced the brakes and tuned it up a bit so that the foot rests wouldn't rub on the wheels, but that now he would have to reposition some of the frame members to stabilize the chair properly. Wow. I thought, we may have to borrow money to get this baby back. Almost 20 minutes went by and here comes again. "All done!" he says. "How much?" say we. "$25 total parts included." I asked my friend how it ran. "Way much better." These are decent, honest friendly people, at least on that day. We are grateful.

    Nick Franceschelli

    Latham, NY