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Durable Medical Equipment vs. Complex Rehab Technology

Standard Durable Medical Equipment (DME):

  • Can be purchased in store, without the need for a scheduled home evaluation.
  • Can be taken home on the day of purchase (or ordered if not in stock).
  • Does not require body measuring and evaluation by an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).
  • Does not need specific customization prior to ordering from the manufacturer.
  • Items like walkers, canes, and bathroom safety equipment are all examples of standard DME.
  • Monroe Wheelchair, as of April 1, 2018, is no longer contracted with insurance providers for this category of products ONLY. However, we have a wide selection of DME products with competitive pricing in each of our showrooms. If you're willing to take the hassle out of dealing with insurance and pay privately; you can walk or roll out with your new DME product in hand today!

Complex Rehab Technology (CRT)

  • Cannot be ordered prior to on-site evaluation by an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).
  • Requires specific evaluation by an ATP, which includes body measuring and product consultation.
  • Products are customized through the manufacturer prior to ordering.
  • Products cannot be purchased in-store or taken home on the day of evaluation.
  • Products in the category usually take at least one month for product customization, ordering, and assembly. *Please note this does not include time for evaluation, gathering necessary documentation, and receiving authorization from Health insurers. 
  • Items like power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, gait trainers, and seating and positioning systems are all examples of CRT products.
  • Monroe Wheelchair is contracted with over 65 insurers for your CRT products. See the full list of contracted insurers for CRT products here or call us at 888-546-8595.

Examples of DME vs. CRT

DME vs CRT Example

FAQ about Standard DME and Complex Rehab Technology

1) Can I get my power wheelchair through Monroe Wheelchair?

If the wheelchair (power or manual) is considered to be Complex Rehab Technology, and with the supporting documentation from your Medical Professional, Monroe Wheelchair can help you regain your mobility by evaluating and ordering your power wheelchair! Please read the above comparisons between CRT and Standard DME, and if you still are unsure if the product your Medical Professional has prescribed is considered CRT, please reach out to our Customer Care team at 888-546-8595.

2) I am in a power wheelchair that is in dire need of repair.  Will Monroe Wheelchair service my wheelchair?

The answer is yes- Monroe Wheelchair will continue to provide repairs and service to ALL Complex Rehab Technology items.  Our service department is here to help so you can enjoy your mobility.  You can call our service department at 888-546-8595 or schedule an appointment online.

3) I have always been able to get the battery on my child’s power wheelchair replaced at Monroe Wheelchair.  Will I have to pay out-of-pocket for this item now?

Batteries are considered part of service and repair, which we will continue to go through our network of contracted insurers.  For your child’s CRT wheelchair, we will work with your insurance company to cover the replacement of the battery.

4) I am looking to get a knee-walker for an upcoming surgery.  Since this is considered Standard Durable Medical Equipment, if I pay out-of-pocket, will I be able to submit my receipt to my Health Insurance Company for reimbursement?

This would be determined by your health insurance company; Monroe Wheelchair cannot advise you on that situation since each insurer is different. We suggest calling your health insurance company to see if you can submit a receipt from this item to be reimbursed by your insurer.  If your insurer will reimburse you, please be sure to ask for all the needed documentation, so we can provide you with that at the time of purchase.

5) Do you buy gently used equipment back?

Unfortunately, Monroe Wheelchair cannot purchase back used equipment, as the equipment that we dispense through insurance is new equipment.  If you would like to donate your equipment, we suggest calling the following organizations; ALS Loan Closet, MDA Loan Closet, your local lions club, your local ambulance department, Salvation Army or Volunteers of America.  If you are looking to sell the equipment, we suggest selling it online through a social media marketplace or online yard-sale type website such as craigslist.