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Speech Courses and Presenters

Mickae Lee

Keynote: Mickae Lee

Title: Director, Advocacy & Communication - NCART
Professional Biography: Mickae Lee has dedicated over 10 years of her career to the complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) industry. For the past seven years, she has dedicated her time to working with NCART (the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology) where she is currently serving as the Director of Advocacy and Communication. Mickae is passionate about ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to the equipment they need and is grateful to be working alongside consumer advocacy organizations, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, clinicians, and consumers to advocate for needed policy changes.

Instructional Level: All
Target Audience: All Seminar Attendees
Presentation Description: Check back soon!


Lauren, Dawn & Paris

Presenters: Lauren Dentinger, Dawn Rittenhouse, & Paris Leibenguth

Please Note: This course is only available on November 12 (Buffalo) and November 13 (Syracuse). A different course will be offered for the same amount of CEU's for Albany on November 14.
Current Titles & Credentials:
Lauren Dentinger: SLP, Assistive Technology Consultant, M.A., CCC-SLP/L
Dawn Rittenhouse: Assistive Technology Consultant, TSHH
Paris Leibenguth: SLP, M.S. CCC-SLP/L 

Lauren's Biography: Lauren is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in NYS and holds a professional NYS teaching certificate as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities. She received both her undergraduate degree and Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from SUNY Geneseo. Lauren works for Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Consultant. There she works with students with complex communication needs in grades K-12+, with a primary focus on evaluation, trial, funding, and implementation of AAC systems. Lauren consults with students, their families, and with other members of a multidisciplinary team for AAC trainings and also provides BOCES wide trainings related to the use of AAC, with a focus on learning specific devices/software programs and implementation within the classroom. Additionally, Lauren is an adjunct professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department in the School of Health and Human Services at Nazareth College. There, she co-teachers the Augmentative and Alternative Communication graduate course and has coordinated with AutismUp to start a young adult program which focuses on the social implementation of AAC. Lauren has collaborated for multiple presentations both locally and nationally related to AAC assessment and intervention. 

Dawn's Biography: Dawn graduated from SUNY Cortland as a TSHH and received her Master’s in Speech Pathology from Nazareth College.   She has been working for Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES as a Speech Therapist and Assistive Technology Consultant for over 30 years.  She has specialized in AAC for individuals with Autism, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, CP, Apraxia and students with multiple disabilities from the ages of 5-21. She assists teams throughout a 4 county region evaluate students, complete trials, secure funding, provide workshops which teach evidence-based strategies for implementation for a variety of AAC systems as well as troubleshoot the systems and application challenges. Dawn works with students, families/caregivers, and all school-based team members to assure application of the AAC system at the student’s capability level. She has prepared and provided trainings for individual teams as well as large groups regarding programming, troubleshooting, and implementation for a variety of AAC devices and software.  Dawn has also been a guest speaker for Augmentative and Alternative Communication graduate course at Nazareth College.

Paris's Biography: Paris received her undergraduate degree from Elmira College and her Masters in Speech Pathology from Nazareth College. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, she has dedicated her career to working with children diagnosed with a spectrum of complex disabilities. She has a special interest in AAC and Dysphagia. Paris worked as an SLP and then as the Speech Department Supervisor for 15 years at the Mary Cariola Children’s Center in Rochester, NY. Currently, she is a Speech Pathologist and Feeding consultant at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES and an adjunct professor at Nazareth College in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program where she co-teaches a graduate course on Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Paris has participated in collaborative presentations locally and nationally on AAC assessment and intervention. Her credentials include NYS licensure in Speech Pathology as well her certificate of clinical competence from ASHA.

Course Title: Dwell, Touch, Tap, Click, Sign, CORE – Could You Do More?
Contact Hours/CEU's: 2 Contact Hour/.2 CEU for this session.
Instructional Level: Intermediate
Target Audience: SLP
Course Description: Can you Snap (+ Core First), (NOVA) Chat, navigate your Compass, and use sign (language) to Communicat(or) like a Pro(loquo2Go), all in one classroom? What do you do when you have 6 different AAC systems with 5 different access methods all in one classroom? Join us on our journey to evaluate and integrate multiple AAC platforms using a variety of access methods into a middle school classroom. Case study examples will include not only communication software but additional assistive technology supports in order for students to access the curriculum. Learn ways you can incorporate low and high tech solutions to meet the individualized needs of your students. You will take away practical application and implementation ideas to use at the CORE of your classroom.

Measurable Learning Objectives:

1. Develop a 5 step interdisciplinary plan using low-tech and high-tech AAC systems, taking into account medical considerations, skill assessment, and system implementation. 

2. Analyze opportunity barriers for individual case studies by selecting 3 tools or therapy solutions for differentiating instruction. 

3. Identify 3 ways to implement low-tech and high-tech systems in everyday practice for literacy, social interaction, and language growth.

Time Ordered Agenda:

0:30-1:15Case Studies





Check back soon!



Claudia Amortegui

Presenter: Claudia Amortegui

Current Title & Credentials: President & Owner of the Orion Group
Professional Biography: Claudia Amortegui is President of The Orion Group, a consulting company specializing in the reimbursement of rehab equipment. Her extensive and diverse experience comes from consulting for over 20 years, and from working on all sides of the industry: with Medicare, a manufacturer, and provider. She has been published numerous times in national industry publications, has conducted education programs throughout the US and Canada, and has recently launched a rehab focused web-based reimbursement tool. Her clients consist of manufacturers, providers, referrals and funding sources.

Course Title: Understanding the Current Reimbursement World of Speech Generating Devices
Contact Hours/CEU's: 1 Contact Hour/.1 CEU for this session.
Instructional Level: Intermediate
Target Audience: SLP
Course Description: With updates to Speech Generating Device coverage policies, everyone needs to be sure they fully understand the current requirements. Are these just Medicaid updates? How do the new requirements affect your process? How do they affect your clients? In this session, we will review the Medicaid policy changes. We will also discuss Medicare coverage and ways in which clinicians can improve and hopefully save some time preparing the documentation. Lastly, we will review a case study and discuss how to best resolve specific funding issues. Participants many also bring their own case studies (removing patient name & other private data) in which we can review the overall issues.

Measurable Learning Objectives:

1. Upon completion of this session, the attendees will be able to discuss two differences in the updated NY Medicaid Speech Generating Device policy.

2. Upon completion of this session, the attendees will be able to describe three key elements of documentation needed to submit for Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement.

3. Upon completion of this session, the attendees will be able to identify at least two key items required when responding to Missing Information requests.

Time Ordered Agenda:

0:00 - 0:05Introduction
0:05 - 0:20Review & Comparison of new NY Medicaid policy to old policy
0:20 - 0:30

Review of Medicare policy

0:30 - 0:40 Review of required documentation
0:40 - 0:50Case Study
0:50 - 1:00Question & Answer







Check back soon!


Amanda Whipple

Presenters: Amanda Whipple & Brendan McCarthy

Please Note: Amanda is presenting this course on November 12 (Buffalo) and November 13 (Syracuse). Brendan will present this course on November 14 (Albany).
Current Title & Credentials: Amanda Whipple is the Vice President of Monroe Speech Designs, MS, CCC/SLP. Brendan McCarthy is an AAC Consultant for Monroe Speech Designs, MS, Ed.

Amanda's Biography: Amanda joined Monroe Speech Designs, a division of Monroe Wheelchair, in 2017. She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with extensive experience serving the adult and pediatric population throughout the Rochester area.  Additionally, prior to joining Monroe Wheelchair, she has held roles as an adjunct professor at Nazareth College and launched her own AAC consulting company.
Brendan's Biography: Brendan has spent the past 6 years with MSD and has over a decade of experience as an assistive technology consultant and advisor to programs the Center for Disability Services and Capital Region BOCES and looks forward to sharing his expertise and experience. His hands-on approach to new technology, dedication to the clinical community, and commitment to functional solutions will be a great asset to individuals and caregivers alike.

Course Title: WinSlate Feature Matching & Customization
Contact Hours/CEU's: 0.3 ASHA-Approved Continuing Education Units
Session Duration: 3 Hours
Instructional Level: Intermediate
Target Audience: SLP
Course Description: This engaging, intermediate-level course is intended for audiences with some prior experience exploring Forbes AAC's WinSlate speech-generating device. Training topics will include:

Comparing & Contrasting Content: What are the key features and differences between the most commonly-used language systems on the WinSlate?

Feature Matching: How do clinicians determine a starting point for client of varying ages and literacy levels?

Access Considerations: What options exist for WinSlate users who have fine and gross motor involvement? 

Customizing for Success: How can a WinSlate user's language system be customized to best meet their daily communication needs?

Diving into Resources: What resources are available to help maximize a WinSlate user's long-term success?

Measurable Learning Objectives:

After completing this training, participants will demonstrate the ability to: 

1. State three key features of the CoreWord, Fast Talker, and WordPower language systems.

2. Name a grid set that would be an appropriate starting point for a literate adult client with ALS.

3. List three alternative access options for WinSlate users.

4. Describe three ways that a young child's language system could be customized to help them communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

5. Name three resources available to help maximize the long-term success of WinSlate users.

Time-Ordered Agenda:

0:00-0:10Greetings & Introductions
0:10-1:00Comparing & Contrasting Content
1:00-1:20Feature Matching
1:20-1:50Access Considerations
1:50-2:30Customizing for Success
2:30-2:45Diving Into Resources
2:45-3:00Question & Answer

Disclosures: Presenters of this cooperative course are employed by Forbes AAC and/or Monroe Wheelchair. Forbes AAC is the sole manufacturer of the WinSlate speech-generating device, which is highlighted throughout this training session. Monroe Wheelchair is a distributor of Durable Medical Equipment, including the WinSlate speech-generating device.


Jay Doherty

Presenter: TBD

Please Note: This session is only available to Albany attendees in replacement of the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES presentation. 
Current Title & Credentials: TBD
Professional Biography: TBD

Course Title: TBD
Contact Hours/CEU's: 2 Contact Hour/.2 CEU for this session.
Instructional Level: TBD
Target Audience: SLP
Course Description: TBD

Measurable Learning Objectives: